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Description: God of War II, the game which becomes and won the first ‘Best PlayStation 2 Game Award’. This is the game, what about we all know, even those people who have never played it or don’t like to play video games! God of War 2 is the game which I and you all love. I really salute to those peoples who have created the story of this awesome game. Whenever I play these game, I feel proud on it because the story of this game, it’s soundtracks, characters, graphics, movie modes and much more things about it just give me an ultimate joy for what we live.
Now, let’s take a look at the things behind the creation of God of War II. This is a third person action-adventure game developed by Santa Manic Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2007 for PlayStation 2. As we know, it is the second installment in the series ‘God of War’ and sequel to the God of War I. The story of this game is lightly based on Greek Mythology and in which the protagonist is known as ‘Kratos’. The main story of this game and the main part start later when Zeus (The king of Olympian gods) betrays Kratos, Strips his godhood and kills him. 
God of War II, is an world-wide famous game for it’s Ultimate and unbeatable Action-adventure experience. If you are lover of high class single player action adventure gaming, but you don’t have played this game yet, then please I recommend you to try this game now. I love this game and I’m proud of it!. 
As because one of the best PlayStation 2 and action games of all time, it received universal critical acclaim. It has been praised for its story and improvements over its predecessor, such as gameplay and graphics. IGN’s Chris Roper said that this is “one of gaming’s most intense and engaging experiences available.
Game Information:
Title: God of War II/2
Developer: Saint Monica Studios
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform PS2
Format: ISO ROM
Lang: ENG
Release: 2007
Installation Note:
-Unpack the release
-Run .exe and play!
God of War II ISO
God of War II ISO
Direct Links: 
Part01 | Part02

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